Mission Day: Murrieta


Murrieta's Mission day was suppose to happen in 2020. We all know how that year went down and many of us wish to forget about it. Around the beginning of July, Agent 010000110110101 received a Telegram message from the NL-1331X Operator Ethan who runs the van. Niantic had made the decision to do a West Coast Van tour and choose Murrieta to host a Mission Day along with the NL-1331X Van Event. Many sites as far as Texas got to host the NL-1331X Van.

Let's rewind to how this all came about. At the time in January of 2020, Niantic had open applications for cities around the world to host Mission Days throughout the year. Agent 010000110110101 was ahead of the curve preparing for everything that was required on the application since December of 2019. On the first day the applications went live, Agent 010000110110101 had submitted all the required information. After that day nothing was mentioned again about Mission Day. 

Then March 2020 "Rick Rolled" the world into a pandemic. Niantic announced that all Live events will be stopped until everything settled down. From there we've had some minor updates to the scanner to include the new Drone ability that had a mix reaction from Agents. Many had embraced the idea and seem to be working it out to keep their Sojourner badge tick alive if they should happen to get locked down. Then Niantic implemented two new badges "Scout" and "Scout Controller" to take video feed of portals for new technology that will be add to the game in a later update. 

Fast forward to July 2021. Things have mostly calmed down some. Things were starting to get some normalcy in the United States and that's when Niantic announced the NL-1331X Van tour in the western US. Several major cities were named on the tour and then there were some smaller cities that nobody had ever heard of. Murrieta was one of them and Agent 010000110110101 had a feeling that something else was up when the announcement was made. Ethan and Agent 010000110110101 chatted for a few days to iron out all the details. It was said that Murrieta was going to be the first official Live event for Niantic since early 2020. It is believed that the CEO of Niantic John Hanke didn't want to be out done by Murrieta and hosted a small Mission Day in Marfa, Texas which is his hometown. Hanke's event only had 6 missions unlike the full official 18 missions like normal mission days. Then it was soon announced that San Francisco will also be hosting a Mission Day the day after Murrieta's. 

With all the announcements and excitement going on in the Southern California Cross Faction Chat on Telegram, Agent 010000110110101 made the call for another event to be added on the Mission Day and NL-1331X events. It was announced that a Quarantine GoRuck event will be added early in the morning of Mission Day August 28, 2021. 

The day of August 28, 2021, everything that was planned went off without a hitch. Several Agents showed up for GoRuck at 0700 in the morning as many more Agents were already beginning their Mission Day missions. At 1pm Check in/out was set up with all the volunteers showing up to help out. The NL-1331X Van arrived around that time after making their way from Phoenix, AZ. As the late afternoon went on everyone who attended was enjoying themselves taking pictures with the van and asking our Niantic reps questions. Overall it was a great day.

Here are some photos of that day.

GoRuck Group photo

Niantic Rep Ethan at the Check in/out table

NL-1331X Van group photo

Niantic Staff, Ingress Vanguard, XM Ambassadors, and Event Organizer 



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