Abaddon Prime Anomaly - Chicago

Abaddon Prime -Chicago

A few of our Inland Empire Resistance members made it out to the final Anomaly of the Osiris Series. They teamed up with a lot of the Bay Area Resistance members to form Team Sierra. We had no clue what to expect except that it's the last Anomaly and as usual we were going to be out numbered. Only this time the rules were different then previous anomaly rules. With the Unique Portal Hack and Media hacks being the game changer, because unlike the portal control and shards game that update scores throughout the event, the UPH/Media scores don't get announced until the very end when its all calculated together. When it was all said and done, the Resistance won by 3.02 points to defeat the Enlightened. During the game play everyone had a role to play during the event. SnottyGurl and BluArrow were running around firing off their XMPs and hacking constantly. 010000110110101 was selected by Niantic to be an Embedded Reporter taking photos and video throughout the day. The following photos are from the anomaly.

To see many of the other photos taken by the other Embedded Reporters, there is a Telegram channel that was dedicated to hosting just those photos and videos alone. 
Click on the link below to view.


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