Palm Springs Mission Day/Ingress First Saturday

Palm Springs Mission Day/Ingress First Saturday

Palm Springs Ingress Agents got together to hold a dual event for all Ingress Agents in the Southern California area on May 4th, 2019. A couple of our own Inland Empire Resistance Agents helped out getting everyone who was registered for the event checked in and sent them on their way completing the 6 required missions out of 18 available. At the end of the day prizes were awarded to the top Agents in different categories. Unlike the last IFS in Palm Springs that was rained out, this time around it was a nice sunny day with the temperature at about 93 degrees. Drinking fluids to stay hydrated was a must for all Agents. Overall the day was great catching up with some familiar faces.

Mission Day Badges

Agents SnottyGurl and BluArrow as the Resistance POCs

Agent BodySuit

Agents from the Inland Empire Resistance

Agents Rockinroro, Liquidlemer, Obasal, 010000110110101


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