Darsana Prime: Las Vegas 2019

To say the least, as with any Anomaly there was a lot of walking involved. The morning started off bright and sunny. Some Agents still a little hung over from the previous night's shenanigans. Dispatch crackling over on Zello getting their teams informed of the day's activities. The Inland Empire Resistance ended up rolling into the Anomaly with two team Leads. Team Echo and Team Sierra, the roster of Agents includes:

010000110110101 - Team Lead
BluArrow - Co Lead
SnottyGurl - Embedded Niantic Reporter
MinusFive - Media Manager

supremedespizza - Team Lead
Maniac15 - Co Lead
myrrlyn -Media Manager

Team Echo ended up being one of the larger teams of the Resistance in Las Vegas. We started off on a lone portal on the outskirts of Downtown and worked the parade route we were given, hacking Media portals along the way. We gathered over 150 media pieces to distribute among the other teams to help score points. We were able to create 12 complete  Dispatch was constantly asking us to take out nearby Enlighten portals that were being heavily defended. Team Echo also used a car within the team as a quick transport to get the unique hacks that were required for winner takes all points. RiverS0ng21 placed 20th out of 100 Agents that were listed. At the end of the day the Resistance lost the city, but it wasn't a complete blow out.

At the end of the day, everyone went to the After-party at the Millennium Fandom Bar. One of the coolest Bars I've seen. Totally was geeking out on everything they had on display in there. Everyone had a great time and then some. 

Sunday was the Mission Day event and with that came more walking to get the required six mission badges in order to qualify for the Mission Day credit towards the main Badge on the Agent's profile. 

After Mission Day was over, everyone went off to do their own banners that they wanted done, some left town and a few lingered on for a couple more days enjoying their vacation. A lot of photos were taken of everyone having a great time.


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