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Welcome to the Inland Empire Resistance website

If you were brought here by an in-game message, Welcome! You have downloaded the latest version of Ingress Prime and have chose to join the Resistance. On this blog/website you will find useful tools at your disposal to learn more about the game itself. We'll be posting Blogs of our events and adventures as time goes on. With the recent news from Google that they will be shutting down Google Plus sites in March of 2019, this was our alternative to keep the current Agents informed and to welcome new Agents to the game. If you are a new Agent and would like to be vetted by a local member of the team, Please click on New Agent Application . We're independent free agents, United in our common goal of keeping the minds of our fellow Humans free from the Enlightened mind trap. We are in the AM02-DELTA-01/02/13/14 intel region, mostly Riverside & San Bernardino Counties, California USA. Many of us have a lot of experience in sanctioned events by Niantic. Most recent was the Mi

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